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Section 1031 Exchange

Summit Rex, Inc. is a qualified intermediary set up to service the needs of the Tax Deferred Exchange. Our basic agreements listed below may be modified to suit any transaction.

Tax Deferred Exchanges are complicated. You must consult with your own Tax Professional to get proper advice that it fits your situation.

Summit Rex is not a consulting service or a provider of tax advice. Summit Rex merely holds designated funds as a Qualified Intermediary for the Exchangor under the Exchange Agreement.

If you require professional advice on your tax situation please see Henry M. Fong - CPA.

Exchange Facts
Exchange Agreement
Purchaser Contract Rider
Seller Contract Rider
Assignment of Rights to Purchase Contract Relinquished Property (Form 1)
Assignment of Rights to Purchase Contract Replacement Property (Form 2)
Exchange Identification Letter
Build-to-Suit Exchange
Henry M. Fong - CPA
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